Stepping on snails


I try not to do it, but the snails just get everywhere in this rain. Wheeling in the bins is tricky [It is wednesday after all ;-)]  they look so eager and optimistic, not to mention – simple.
Framed 2 more paintings today…
Fixed a leaking pipe in the bathroom…
Cycled 35 miles, erm … what else?
the Graphics tablet is still not working with everything. Photoshop doesn’t recognise it’s pressure sensitivity, photoshop 6 did tho’. It works well in Illustrator as well as Coral Painter. Maybe Adobe need to release a patch for PS 9. there is nothing on the Adobe site today. Below is a little picture made in illustrator, possibly the worst picture I have uploaded to this blog to date.
My my haven’t I had a lot of comments lately.

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