More weather. Warmer than yesterday.

Only drawn up that new painting onto the canvas. Then got distracted when I noticed some wrapped picture frames in the corner bought ages ago. It looks very nice but the frame is glazed, that means it can’t face anything that will give a strong reflection- otherwise you can’t see the picture. Done two frmaes today, they do look a bit odd with dark pictures in them. Perhaps I should get some wood stain. There are about six more here that are worth putting up.
Blimey! -sixty page views today, but half are RSS feeds & I dunno how to track those; who is it I ask??
Anyway, at last I’m getting a new graphics tablet, could arrive tomorrow or soon. Not to mention some CDs to fill up the parcel a bit.

4 thoughts on “Framed

  1. whats with the "sir".any way cool space…cool feet..thanx for visiting my space..leave a comment next time.i dunno rate my rock?..of course you do! who doesn’t!! xxxx


  2. o..k. …..sir…im gonna leave your anger down to being a teacher…but i msut tell you i’m a very good student and i always thank my teachers!!what do you teach? (if it’s art then i should have got that)xx


  3. 800!! thats quite a collection! thank you i didn’t know it was all an act! now that is a useful piece of information! ooo i love art i’m taking art and design for GCSE.i am glad to hear you like rock! it strange i have notcied that a lot of the people that do art like rock music. do you enjoy teaching? what aged students do you teach? (is that worded properly..well i have no idea.)xxx


  4. 11-18 hmmm thats..wel thats every one! year sevens to 6 formers! wow hardworker! it must be hard marking all the homework (tip: just dont give homework, it’s easier on everyone!)you have some lovely drawings. wat school do you teach at? xx


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