Another Done..

I think


It may or may not be complete, either way, it’s very close. Thinking of the next one now- get pencil sharpening. It’s going to be on square canvas, we’re going to have known nothing like it.

Working on teh composition before the ground goes down, looking forward to using a bright coerlium blue here- let’s have some acidic blues in sidelights. (explaination when it’s started).

Maybe, if you are good, a photo of the complete but still wet picture, make sure it’s less blurred this time.


YEAY !! it’s raining.

Listening to Naked City- "Absinthe" album now.

Fancy something to listen to right now? This is the BBC’s weekly radio show devoted to avant guarde, experimental music MIXING IT



3 thoughts on “Another Done..

  1. Hiiiiya sir, i have just read through your blog spaces. Yay school is out!! *pink floyd song* lol. anyway- see you maybe at the end of the holiday to get my GCSE ict results- i hope i have done well *fingers crossed* from Sophie Dallaway x x x


  2. no i didnt draw the picture on my profile i got it from the internet . all my friends are artists and do some really good drawings ill link you up if you want just say because it looks like your a good artist too . musics more my thing :)


  3. Sophie:It’s Alice Cooper not Pink Floyd I tell you! Maybe you’re thinking of "The Wall" album – the one with "we don’tneed no education…"etc.


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