Green Tea & Oil struggle

24°C& now, + lightning

 Drinking green tea and worrying about the double-portrait picture in oil. It’s going to be along job this one, definitey going to miss the deadline, it can be sent by post, but hardly the same. At least I now feel it’s better, this has bugged me for a week now, some days I put-off getting it off the shelf and looking at it. This isn’t how it’s suypposed to be, needs more thinking about. In the past, a post to a web-photo gallery has let me look at it when at work. The canvas is rather coarser than previous, it really needs another layer of Gesso, but let’s see what happens. It’s very informative to let the media suggest a route through.

Drinking Green tea to take away the taste of my supper now, was nice at the time no need for any reminders eh?

The other painting is ok, and some ideas are unfurling for new ones as well. Staves the worry that I’m “losing it”. Does that heppen, the “dive” the “purple patch”?

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