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Using HTML:How to

Trying to work out how to chnage the formatting on my posts, here’s a clue- you have to create a link-bar button, it looks like it contains a little javascript which releases a few extra features like founts and backgrounds. … Continue reading

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56 miles, is that all?

Theory:pre-illness I have this theory, or is it a hypothesis, it goes like this:This morning I woke up feeling mildly conscious that I may or may not have a cold coming on. Yesterday I had bags of energy, I chopped … Continue reading

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Cut down a tree

Get-up:05:30 Saturday: wake at 5:00 am, have a lie-in until half-past, then decide to chop down a tree that has partly died. It’s a lilac tree, some branches have died off leaving others appearing fine. Didn’t really have the right … Continue reading

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Never, not ever!

NEVER:Drink Don’t ever if you need to do something creative. Which reminds me- I can’t belive how many times it was suggested over the years that trying drugs is a way of finding artistic inspiration. Maybe it’s an impression amongst … Continue reading

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Tin Fish

New:AlbumsKristin Hersch- grottoTricky- Nearly GodTricky- MaxinquayDead Can Dance- Within the realm of a dying sun Some of the above are chosen because they sounded promising on p2p download copies. Now I have the CDs they have been deleted. they are … Continue reading

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Penderecki & Diamanda Galas

always:think of the best notes when walking the dogs, let’s see how much I can remember. Music:Today, Marilyn Manson and Arab Strap. I have a sneaking curiosity about M. Manson- it’s like revisiting the root, a return to start. It … Continue reading

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On marking art coursework

Since there will be no painting reports until this project is presented here is a sketchbook page instead. It’s part of the same series as the shocked girl in the yello ( now orange) shirt. The teapot head will progress … Continue reading

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Trust -Don’t

Never buy anything from They sell computer hardware such as my graphics tablet which has a faulty pen. The company provide no means of replacing such a faulty item, there is no phone number, and they NEVER reply to … Continue reading

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Today, I went up a hill

And came down…still it remains a hill. Near Welshpool, the next one along from Rodney’s Pillar – which more people go to . A tall steep ridge with gritstone moors atop. The sky was relentlessly blue, and the still air was punctuated … Continue reading

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This is not my world, I just live in it.

Annoyed by Fireworks Yes, I have been annoyed with Fireworks, the kind made by Macromedia. Should be a simple job to add a new button to the navigation bar in my own website shouldn’t it?But no, fireworks had to chuck … Continue reading

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