Photoshop CS2

WOW, it’s installed at last, I had to wait for the activation but it’s up & running now. Seems to load a bit more slowly than the last version (v.7), but there are some very useful new tools. 
Some tools seem to be very useful for 3D artists, the vanishing point is one- you can paint selections ( like clone) onto a perspective plane- that will remove the need perspective distort after a clone operation. The best bits seem to be aimed aty digital photographers, jpeg artifact removal, lens distortion and colour correction.

Now I’m off to look for the poorest photograph I have on file and see what can be done with it. Actually the worst photrographs can be found on other peoples blogs.

I have an idea why the graphics tablet is no longer working, the cause- a cup of tea, it wasn’t spilt but the hot cup was left on it to be found by me when I got home from work.

Teapothead:work resumed
It’s dry enough to continue, so>changed treapot colour>1st linseed layers

1 thought on “Photoshop CS2

  1. wow…. today is a busy day. there have plenty of work i have to do :(now just say happy children’s day to u n all ur family members!! haha lol :Dill come again as soon as possiblekeep up ur good workbye :) amelie


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