House Martins are “handed”

21°C, light winds

House Martins seem to like landing from the same side. I will explain…I stopped at a Cafe in Staunton Harold which is in a square courtyard- probably the old stable block of the house. In the upper floor windows are fairly small windows which have Martin nests in the top-right corner. There were six nests in all, none on the left of any window. The all make their landing approach from the same side, so the pane of glass is on their left. So House Martins are "handed". I couldn’t make up my mind which hand since it was impossible to see which foot alighted first. I did think that they need to do this because it avoids the risk of a collision. If any bird flew towards it’s nest from the right, they would cross over the path of another- possibly.

Time for a rant
Teenagers are going to inherit the world aren’t they. So whay are they so opposed to conservation? Ours are dead against it anyway, they refuse to avoid unnecessary pollution. They want to be driven in the car a mile, they want the lights on in a room that is already full of blazing sunshine, they want the central heating on on warm days. They will only put recyclable rubbish in the normal land-fil bin. We have had recycling bins for over two years now.
But they are inheriting the world, what world do you hope to get? Are you going to blame us for the condition it’s in?

Phew… that was easy wan’t it

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1 Response to House Martins are “handed”

  1. Amanda says:

    I so agree with your comments on teenagers!!


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