Turpentine time

32°C:moderate SW winds 

I’m getting to know the point when to stop the turps, now is the time to open the lid on the oil, now it needs a night to dry. Next dog the walks
The teapot maywell become a burgandy colour tomorrow, the tonal work is along the right lines, but the sky doesn’t work well with it. I’ve just realised how much of a hole that right hand is, that will have to change. The ear has the same problem.

It will be raining.
later 22:35

What an extraordinary night. It’s very warm, not a cloud to be seen. When you walk past a brick wall, the heat from it is quite startling. Best of all is the smells. Every ten yards or so is a different one- heavy, rich and sweet. The blackbirds don’t seem to be relenting ontheir songmaking since the sun went down.

I’m quite struck by it all.

1 thought on “Turpentine time

  1. :-) hii saw ur massage . thank u sooooooooooo much now i have to go out to meet a friendbut i promise i will write another message to u when tomorrow. n read ur blogbest wishes! :)


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