Pthalio Blue and Rose madder

For a laugh

Here’s a little doodle in oil I did yesterday – just for fun. It’s like an experiment to get to know how these two colours work.

Then:resumed work on the teapot head today, this picture is certainly having a long gestation period. Somehow it didn’t really get going tonight, probably because my concentration has run out. I like this picture a lot, so no risk of abandoning it.

finally- to finish a beautiful site to go to next:
This is the best day of your life

1 thought on “Pthalio Blue and Rose madder

  1. Hey! Thanks for the comment.Yeah i agree about the happy slapping and laughing at the misfortune of others. I don’t know anyone who has been affected by it, and i wouldnt want to hear it. these people should get be punished instantly. Hope your student is ok now.Brian.


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