Take the load off your feet: how to deal with achilles tendinopathy

Take the load off your feet: how to deal with achilles tendinopathy


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16°C, brisk SW. Dry and grey.
Half-term break: is a time to clean up. It’s only been two weeks since the lodger moved out, but I am in the process of discovering problems he left behind. Rug Doctor is a carpet shampoo machine which I have rented to clean the his room as well as others. There are wine stains and other spilt drinks; some on the mattress. They cleaned up remarkably well.


I have am idea for the staircases – stripey carpets. Then, in each room, it’s possible to put replacement carpets that match one of the stripe colours.

Never again will I allow a lodger to keep a pet. His lizards ran up the electricity bill and the rabbit made the room stink (plus a damaged patch on the carpet).

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Hills on the Chase.

13°C, white cloud, SW 4,
Distance: 60.50mi, time: 04:13:39, pace: 4:12min/mi, speed: 14.31mi/h.
Ages since I last rode up the Chase. This forestry land gap many sharp hills and sweeping, fast descents. I stopped at the cafe by the visitor’s centre. It was busy, but with so many staff, the wait was not too long.
There are endless possibilities on the Chase. I saw loads of bridle paths and other marked cycle routes. Most looked ideal for adventures on a cyclo-cross bike. Sadly, the bike shop by the cafe had nothing promising they are dealers for Giant. Giant’s cross bikes are too small for me.


The comms tower appears to be under demolition.

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Autumn, where shall I ride?

12°C, brisk SW. Dry but grey.
Quite fancy a ride in the woods today. That would be ideal, ride up to Cannock Chase. Ride in the woods for an hour, then finish in the cafe. Only one thing stopping me- the bike.
What about one of these?
That is the Kona Jake. Supplied with chunky tyres, disk brakes and am aluminium frame. The only caveat is that it weighs no less than my other bikes. If I am to spend all that money, it could be under 10kg. But that’s not a main priority: fit, strength and stiffness come before.
There are plenty of places to ride here, bridal paths, Cannock Chase and canals. I am quite thrilled on reading the local map.
And another thing, I miss my country air. Either I need a CX bike, or…
.a dog.

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Half term break.

12°C, SW breeze, dry, 4/5 cloud.
Feels like we just did a full term. Eight weeks. Eight week’s worth of tiredness, the feeling that a cold is coming on but you can’t be sure. I therefore, give myself permission to have a lazy day, I shall do nothing.

Earlier in the term, I decided to get a cyclo-cross bike to use as a commuter and winter Sunday side.
I gave the local shop an informal deadline – when the clocks change. That’s tomorrow!

I am no closer to buying a new bike. The Raleigh has fallen through, they are not importing the largest frame size. Back to the Kona then?

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Battle the wind.

Fixed Gear ride MapMyRide+! Distance: 35.49mi, time: 02:33:45, pace: 4:20min/mi, speed: 13.85mi/h.
Slow ride in brisk wind even with the lower gear. At least I swapped the winter wheels over which have a 17t cog. The return stretch would have been dreadful in that wind.

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Riding fixed.

Sunny but cold start. 7~13°C, light wind.
Cycle: rode fixed with MapMyRide+! Distance: 57.6mi, time: 03:37:03, pace: 3:46min/mi, speed: 15.92mi/h.
Feeling back to normal stop grumbling.

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13°C later, after a chilly start. SE4, dry.
Fixed, tracked with MapMyRide+! Distance: 41.25mi, time: 02:35:00, pace: 3:45min/mi, speed: 15.97mi/h.
Avoided the worst hills and rode a steady pace. Nothing remarkable then.
weight is back where it should be at this time of year, 14stone 8lbs.

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19°C, light wind and sky. Night drawing in.
rode Arrow with MapMyRide+! Distance: 16.45mi, time: 01:05:40, pace: 3:59min/mi, speed: 15.03mi/h.
Yes, energy is back. The fizz is anyway. Another week and my legs should feel stronger. For now, I shall ride short routes.
Doodle from a work file.
Besides, I am off to read my book. It’s Montserrat’s Cruel Sea. The language is fascinating; naval terminology and 1940’s speech.

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Grey start, 19°C, grey and light W2.
I rode Fixed 16. MapMyRide+! Distance: 35.04mi, time: 02:11:08, pace: 3:45min/mi, speed: 16.03mi/h.


I had the fizz in my legs which felt great. Split speeds were good enough, a few mph down, that’s all. Afterwards though, my legs were jelly.


Old sketch from many years ago. My new phone’s camera is able to focus well enough for little drawings.

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